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Friday, January 1, 2010

Work in Community Plot

Many gardeners will agree that hand-weeding is not the terrible drudgery that it is often made out to be. Some people find in it a kind of soothing monotony. It leaves their minds free to develop the plot for their next novel or to perfect the brilliant repartee with which they should have encountered a relative's latest example of unreasonableness. ~Christopher Lloyd, The Well-Tempered Garden, 1973

Today I started to tidy up my plot at Geelong West Community Garden. I had already drawn up a plan of what I wanted to do while I was in the Philippines. I had decided to go a traditional 6 bed rotation system, with two small and thin beds at the back for climbers, such as raspberries or beans. I arrived and discovered two weeks had produced a ton of weeds! Never mind, I measured and marked out where the path would go built two small raised beds at the back. One Bed is completed dug over and covered with pea straw ready to go. I will so some seed in punnets and sow in about 2 weeks. The problem now is what?

1 comment:

gavgams said...

Here's some random comments and thoughts: Brambles are much tougher I've found.. sun and water wise.. than rasberries.- unless shaded etc etc they die in heat waves
What might be some other options?
-passonfruit? espailerised fruit trees? can you do that with quinces?
I guess some brambles might be a bit of a prob with 7 metre canes.. how does that go in a community garden?
Also grapes, giant indeterminate tomatoes pinned up?
Friend Anna joined comm garden in Croyden despite 3/4 acre block. Let us know how you find the social setting of the place too.
Interesting research based talk on second half of this mp3 download about comm gardens in Melbourne
Also whats good ref or link for different rotation systems?
Yesterday Pam brought out her surplus cockerel. It's now called Little Johnny.
Sowing? off ttomh - zucchini's, cherry toms keep going later, a chilli seedling and maybe other stuff like that that I might try digging up and keeping going longer in a green house once the cold kicks in. Comm garden should have some flowers off course. Cosmos direct 'd be good, marigolds too. Rosemary mini topiary for bit o structure and some wacky junk sculpture with watering can or one foot antique rose mounted above like some giant blessing of fertility confered or a teleporter. .. o no... i'm being sucked up the spout... bye ....